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Camping in Shivpuri

Camping in Shivpuri

Nature lovers who are planning to visit Rishikesh may think camping in Shivpuri to have a pleasurable time. During the day, you can approve of the scenic views of the region, and at night, get warmed by the beacon. You will be having a nonviolent sleep listening to the calming sound of water talkative down the Ganga River. In the morning, the melodic chirping sounds of several birds will wake you up, and get ready you for a great day ahead. Camping in Shivpuri packages offered by us have total range of adventure activities obtainable in Shivpuri or Rishikesh. The options may comprise food, lodging, adventure activities and beacon. The best months of the year for Camping in Shivpuri are from March to middle of September to the first half of November. After a day of fun-filled activities, spend the evening looking out at the gorgeous sky above the majestic river as you share stories and heat of the bonfire.

During your stay in Shivpuri, you can cosset yourself in number of activities like in a number like Jungle Walks, River Rafting, Baech Camping, climbing and Jungle Trekking. You can spend the day enjoying river rafting in Ganges and other adventure activities. In the evening, relax around a campfire and enjoy the wonderful food. Our dining area is well maintained and the food provided is freshly cooked, clean and vegetarian. There are various camps prearranged in Shivpuri for the tourists. It is upon inclusive discretion of the traveler what he chooses to buy according to his resources and time. Generally the packages accessible come with a night’s stay in Shivpuri. However it could be prolonged to more days depending upon the activities to be enjoyed. There is a chosen time when the travelers are probable to reach the venue so as to not miss out the fun. Every tourist must make sure that he does reach on time with the essential luggage as may be required. A person, who enjoys adventure, will completely have a rocking time while camping in Shivpuri. It allows a spectacular ambience where in each individual can let go off their inhibition and get the daring side on the lively mode.


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